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I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve seen a few gifs of S02 E01 and there are two things that I’m disappointed with.

1) When Hinata out-jumps Ushijima, he’s just wearing his practice gear, but in the manga, he’s also wearing his messenger bag.

2) When Kenma sneezes and Kuroo catches his phone, it was like he was surprised about it and it just kind of landed in his hand, but, in the manga, his alarm is more about Kenma’s forceful sneeze and the amazing snot than it is about his catching of the phone. Additionally, his reach to catch the phone is at a more dramatic position: higher and further out.

In both they achieve the same physical result, but when the extent of their actions, and thus the impact, are reduced, it loses a little something.

Hinata didn’t just jump, he jumped after racing Kageyama, after practice, with extra weight and he still bested an unsuspecting Ushijima. It’s still a cool scene, just not as cool.

As for Kuroo, by comparison, what he did in the anime is practically a fumble compared to his in-manga keen-on-Kenma reflexes. Though I will say that the scene was improved by the addition of Kai, Inuoka, and Fukunaga.

EDIT: So, I just watched it and they didn’t even keep Hinata’s “sprouted from that concrete” line. It was such a perfect sequence; they could have skimmed a few seconds off an earlier scene to keep it. But I’m still happy that the second season is under way.

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