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Truthfully, I had it in my mind that I was boycotting Marvel and this purchase kind of flies in the face of the reasons why, but after thinking about it for a few days, I decided I was fine with this purchase.

I had to get the pascalcampion variant cover because it’s his work and because it featured the couple I bought the issue for. I have never read any titles that included Misty Knight or Danny Rand, but because their story was written by Jeremy Whitley of princelesscomic, I felt like it would be good no matter what. I’ve only read the first story so far, but regardless of which order they’re in, I’m saving Misty & Danny for last.

If you haven’t read Princeless yet, you should and when you do, you may understand a bit why I felt this story was worth me willingly mixing in with the general public. I wrote a bit about Princeless here–I think there is something in the story for everyone, so I recommend it without reservations.

Incidentally, this trip was my first time in a comic bookshop in about 10 years, maybe?

So strange since I practically lived in one in my younger years. I was happy to see Saga and Bitch Planet, but I didn’t see much else that I’m currently reading.


itanda replied: I’ve had Princeless on my to-buy list for a while, but I keep blowing my book budget on digital manga. My library only has v.3 – Pirate Princess. Do you know if that’s an ok place to jump in or should I hold off for v.1? I’ve only read one Iron Fist GN, and I think he and Misty were brokenup/separated during that, so she didn’t show up much. Right now I’m reading an older X-Men omnibus and Misty was Jean Grey’s roommate and is currently (where I’m at) working with the X-Men to stop someone from sinking Japan, but I can’t say I know much about her background. I really like that cover.

So, v03 introduces Raven, a character who has her own series now, and while it can be seen as a new arc, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly detached from the first two volumes. There are specific focuses with each issue/volume, but it’s definitely a continuing story, so I wouldn’t recommend jumping in at v03. Since you were borrowing it, if you like, I can lend v01 to you.

  • v01 – Save Yourself
  • Short Stories Collection – Short Stories for Warrior Women #1-#2; Tales of the Family Ashe; Tales of Girls Who Rock; (backstories and in betweens)
  • v02 – Get Over Yourself
  • v03 – The Pirate Princess (–> Raven: The Pirate Princess)
  • v04 – Be Yourself (only 3 issues are out)

I remember that Japan story line, but I never read it. Not sure why. From what I’ve read about Misty, I like her character, though I haven’t always been too keen on her character design.

itanda replied: I did some looking, and the next system over has Princeless issues as ebooks and the next volume of Ooku I need! I’ll go get a card next week, making this the second time I get a new library card after a conversation with you.

Oh, that’s good. When you said your library only has v03, I immediately checked bklynlibrary‘s Overdrive and was surprised to find that they didn’t have the Princeless series or any Action Lab titles available–for shame! I’m definitely going to suggest it; they have 119 Action Lab titles to recommend, but Princeless isn’t even listed with those–double shame! And since I can’t do it that way, then I suppose that they can accept this notice in its place.

And if a spread of library cards is the legacy I leave with you, then our acquaintance will have been more than worthwhile. Though, I have to say: you started it.

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