Shelved: June 2015

{Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue} It's Not Love [3.4]Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue: It’s Not Love [3.4]

{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V01 [4.4]Nitta Youka: Starting with a Kiss V01-V03 [4.4] – I’ll write about this later.

{Tachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito} Seven Days- Monday-ThursdayTachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito: Seven Days [3.4]


Fuwa Shinri: Kamu Otoko [3.5] – I was going to pass on it when I saw the cover and the description wasn’t really doing much for me either, but then I saw that it was by Fuwa Shinri and there was no way I wasn’t going to read it. No matter what, she makes me laugh and I certainly got my fill with her take on vampires and werewolves.

Hino Garasu: Fetish [3.0]

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