Shelved: June 2015

{Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue} It's Not Love [3.4]Gou Shiira & Ishida Ikue: It’s Not Love [3.4]

{Nitta Youka} Starting with a Kiss V01 [4.4]Nitta Youka: Starting with a Kiss V01-V03 [4.4] – I’ll write about this later.

{Tachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito} Seven Days- Monday-ThursdayTachibana Venio & Takarai Rihito: Seven Days [3.4]


Fuwa Shinri: Kamu Otoko [3.5] – I was going to pass on it when I saw the cover and the description wasn’t really doing much for me either, but then I saw that it was by Fuwa Shinri and there was no way I wasn’t going to read it. No matter what, she makes me laugh and I certainly got my fill with her take on vampires and werewolves.

Hino Garasu: Fetish [3.0]

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  • Hey Himi!! I finally started reading “It’s Not Love” over the weekend. I’m only 40 pages in, but I get what you mean by laughing at odd places.
    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award at my blog.

  • Sorry! I’m just seeing this. I thought I had you whitelisted so your comments would post without moderation. But I think it’s that you were for my other blog, but not this one yet.

    Did you finish the novel? What are your thoughts?

    Thanx for the nomination, I’ll check it out! Again, sorry for the delay.

    • Lol. That was the first time I commented here.

      Sadly, I haven’t finished it. Plan to hopefully come closer to finishing it today.

      You’re welcome! ?

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