New Arrivals: Wandering Son V08

The spine/etc is aqua. I really want to get back to reading this before the summer is over.

A while back, I thought I ordered Wandering son v08 right along with v07, but when I looked at my order history on Fantagraphics, the last order listed was v07 with v08 nowhere to be found. I was so sure I bought it, but I guess not. So I ordered it from Amazon. Fast forward to a bit over a week ago, I got my Amazon order in the mail. I still haven’t opened it. I’m glad I didn’t get it sooner because it would have been packed up with the rest of my stuff and it would probably taken me weeks to find it.

Two weeks ago when I picked up a package at the post office from Fantagraphics. I was confused because I didn’t remember ordering anything. Whatever it was, it would have to wait because all of my stuff is packed up and there’s nothing I can do with it, because I really can’t enjoy a physical book right now. Well, curiosity got the best of me after work one day, so I opened it and wouldn’t you know, v08 from Fantagraphics.

I returned the unopened copy to Amazon.

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