Notes: NEIGHBOR [Spoilers up to Pg. 38]

I am enjoying this webcomic so much. There are so many great moments.

[pg 27] This is one of my favorites. Adam’s perfect boyfriend multitasking had me in fits! I can’t get over it. This little gesture just makes it for me. I’m not the only one though, it gave Paris pause as well. Oh and right before this… Lilly has two Dads!


[pg 38] So, after Adam and Gary trade punches, Paris asks Adam if it was about what happened in the library earlier and Adam responds with “sort of.” So I think something might be up. I wonder if they fought because they both have a thing for Paris. Or, Gary could have picked up on Adam’s interest and is playing protector? I dont know, but that look Gary gives Adam… But Adam is in his own “oh my goodness, Paris is so cute” world.

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