Notes: Until Death Do Us Part

Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S--Until Death Do Us Part v03 c22 p138-139-01

I’m a year late, but something I’ve been waiting for since I knew it had been licensed has happened! The UDDUP series is now available in ebook format!

I think I kind of gave up after I asked Yen Press twice if it would ever be and their first answer was vague and their second answer never came. Though thinking back, when I initially asked, they said something like they couldn’t say for sure, but that I might be happy about an announcement they were making soon. So now I’m guessing that their “soon” and my “soon” are as different as a calendar year and a galactic year. But it all worked out anyway, so it’s fine.

Though, the best thing is that V01 is only 2.99!

Kobo | Kindle | NOOK | Google | Apple ($12.99??)

The rest of the volumes are $12.99, which is awesome because they are omnibus volumes so, that’s only $6.50 per volume. And it’s a reasonable price when you consider the print is $18.99. Volumes 1-8 (JPN 1-16) have been released and V09 (JPN 17-18) is supposed to drop sometime this month.

And this is what it took for me to finally create a Kobo account (which was quite painless, by the way). Did I miss it, or does Kobo really not have a wishlist feature?

I bought volumes 1-4. I’m excited to read this again.


is-cru replied: Kobo doesn’t have a wishlist, but I add previews to my library and use that as a wishlist.

That’s an idea, but it seems that none of the titles I looked at offer a preview.

requierobl replied: It must be on sale in the USA because it’s $12.99 here.

Which is why I use goodreads to keep track of what I want to read. Sometimes I also just bookmark the page if I know I’m going to be buying it soon.

At first I thought it was a misprint, but it was the price on several sites. Even still, I rushed to buy before someone noticed.

I don’t use good reads as regularly as I used to and I really should get better with that. I also have the Amazon wishlist that allows me to save anything from any site. But the thing I like about site-specific wishlists is that when the site has a sale, I can easily see what I should be buying. No need for crosschecking.

I’ll probably make a new Amazon wishlist just for Kobo.

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