Storytelling: Kitakami Ren

{Kitakami Ren} Signal Red Baby-01

I’ve been trying to find the right way to describe her dialogue. With the slight exception of Honenuki ni Saretai, I always feel like I’m reading a stage play, Regency Period; even her doujinshi feel that way to me. I love it. Although I love the anime, I was never interested in the FMA fandom, but I like her DJs. I hope to read more of her work, especially in English. Until such a time comes, I’ll continue re-reading what I have at the usual interval which is: at least once a week.

Notes: I still haven’t found the right words. Only because I’ve been fortunate enough to find other stories that compel me to undertake frequent re-readings do I no longer read her work on a weekly basis.

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