Prezzies: Kiyoshi Teppei [Kuroko no Basuke]

When I was younger, I used to get, with the exception of the live ones, every form of frog and turtle you could imagine. I would also get books and gift cards to bookstores, rocks, stones, and various geological paraphernalia, and Muppet related things. And I was ecstatic about all of it because those were the things I was interested in–they were the things I occupied my time with.

Fast forward to now. What do I get for gifts? Illustrated boys. And nothing against the gift givers of my youth, but I don’t think I ever cried or giggled nearly as much over any of their gifts. I just love my fictional boys and I love my friends even more for knowing which ones I love the most.

cherryfetish is such a sweetheart!

Mel, my little bacon strip, thanx so much for thinking of me with this “fashionably late valentine”! NOM!


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