Prezzies: Kyouraku & Ukitake [Bleach]

Jess is a good friend and Jess is also my Bleach soul mate. This is what she sent to me for my birthday. That was January/February, but I forgot where I saved the pics. We have a blog, bleachbythegallon, where we talk about our favorite Bleach moments. It’s what actually set the precedent for fujoshibookclub (closed) and booksoverbreakfast (closed). Life and technical difficulties have gotten in the way over the past year or so and I’ve missed her and our Bleach talks, so when I got this I cried. No sound, but definitely tears. It was even more timely when you consider what’s happening in the story now. I didn’t think she had given up, but it was so great to have it confirmed.

Thanx so much for this, Jess! You’re the greatest!

Jess and I also bonded over Miyamoto Kano so one way or another we were going to be friends.

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