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{Nomura Mizuki} Book Girl V01 ...and the Suicidal MimeNomura Mizuki: Book Girl – I only have … and the Suicidal Mime (v01). I can’t remember why I bought it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue the series–I haven’t even finished the one I have yet. There are 8 volumes total.

{James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas} The Woods V01James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas: The Woods – I have volume 1–the only collected volume–which collects issues #1-4. Volume 2 releases on May 12th. There are 11 issues right now and #12 should be out early April, so there’ll be enough for volume 3.

{Kubo Tite} Bleach V01Kubo Tite: Bleach – I have up to volume 62. Volume 63 came out in February and v64 will be out in July. This is definitely the longest series I have.

{Chloe Chan & Aliena Shoemaker} Two Keys V01Chloe Chan & Aliena Shoemaker: Two Keys – I have up to volume 2. Last I checked, Schumie was still writing and Nuu was moving and getting a new job, so life was happening. Now Schumie’s in Japan, teaching, so I’m not sure when things will pick up. It’s been nearly two years since Smackjeeves was updated and it was up to c21 on Inkblazers, but that has gone kaput, so I’m just waiting.

{Yazawa Ai} Nana V01Yazawa Ai: Nana – I have up to volume 5. I’m debating on whether or not I should get Viz’s v01-v10 digital bundle. I don’t have much time left to decide, though. On the other hand… will the series even continue? It’s such an awesome story. It’s been on hiatus for about six years now. She may have–and I could understand if–she lost the feeling for it after all this time. I don’t know what Yazawa’s up to these days–I don’t even know if she’s fully recovered or if she can even recover. As far as I know, the last thing released was a Junko extra. Do I continue to collect up to v21 in print for a series that might remain incomplete, do I start over with digital, or do I just let it go?

{Unita Yumi} Bunny Drop V01Unita Yumi: Bunny Drop – I have up to volume 4. The series is complete at 10 volumes. I need to get on that. Some people mentioned being disappointed with the ending; fortunately I haven’t come across any spoilers to that effect, so I suppose I still have something to look forward to.

{Motomi Kyousuke} Dengeki Daisy V01Motomi Kyousuke: Dengeki Daisy – I have up to volume 7. The last volume, 16, was released today. It’s what actually prompted this list. I don’t know where I left off, but as usual, after a long time, I’ll just start from the beginning. I remember enjoying the story quite a bit. That I have it in print is proof enough.

{Shimura Takako} Wandering Son V01Shimura Takako: Wandering Son – I have up to volume 7 on my shelf, but I paid for v08 way back when and it should be shipping soon. Only seven more to go. I’ll start reading again once v08 arrives.

{Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, & Brooke A. Allen} Lumberjanes V01Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, & Brooke A. Allen: Lumberjanes – Finally, finally, finally! Volume 1 will be shipping in less than two weeks. This was originally supposed to be 8 issues/2 volumes, but it will be continuing beyond that. Volume 2 is set to be released early October. Issue #12 came out a little over a week ago, so, maybe this time next year volume 3 will ship? Maybe.


requierobl replied: I’m in a similar position with Nana, except I never bought any of the books (I got it from the library), but I’m going digital if I buy it. DD is on my tbl along with please teacher, but I’m in no hurry because I want to buy it all at once.

I think that might be one of the reasons I’ve put it off for this long. I thought about buying it all at once, but that was before I considered easing up on my DTO-only stance. I’m still not sure. So, I went to look at Nana on Kobo and for some reason looking at the cover just gave me this terribly sad feeling, like what it the cover of v01 represents the end of the story? I don’t have even the slightest thing to support that, all I did was just make myself sad.

itanda replied: I’ve always avoided Nana because of the non-ending, but I know it’s well-loved. Wandering Son I was able to get at my old library, but the current doesn’t have. Fanta = beautiful books. Lumberjanes is a to-buy. I will not spoil Bunny Drop for you :).

By the time Nana went on hiatus, I was already in too deep. Even though I don’t think it will ever be completed, I don’t regret starting it. It’s that good. Fantagraphic’s books are nice, but as much as I love a good looking HB, they are not the most comfortable to read. I’ve injured my wrists multiple times in the past, so the HBs take their toll on me a lot quicker than they would for most people. But when I start reading again, I plan to read it while laying on my stomach on the sofa. It’s supposed to ship next month. However, Lumberjanes should be shipping in just a few days!

EDIT: I just checked my Fanta account and I only bought WS v07.  I can’t remember why I didn’t buy v08, too. I was so positive that i bought it. What the heck?! So, for more than a year, I’ve been wrong about this. I’m suddenly worn out.

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