First Impressions: Nic Lawson’s Frankie Holliday #1

{Nic Lawson} Frankie Holliday #1

Campy, but in the best way possible. Frankie is adorable and I’m totally on her side. It’s a world where supers and humans live alongside each other and identities aren’t secret. Well, most of them. When super kids turn 16, they have a sort of coming of age ceremony where their existing powers suddenly become full-blown adult powers. And actually, it’s no so suddenly, it happens a precise time. Not everyone’s powers mature right then and there; apparently, there are late bloomers and it looks like Frankie is one of them. Or is she? I think I can already see where this is going, but I think I’m going to enjoy the journey regardless. But then again, maybe not. It’s almost been a year since this as released and there’s no releases since.

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