Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V06

I am charmed by the Yamainu under Sousei’s leadership. They are quite resilient. Takamine has returned and Ashiya’s face mask is explained. Seeing Sousei smile is strange, but it’s like he’s giddy with purpose and determination.

I melt everytime I see Botan and Hirari. I need more of them!

Takeda is so cute with his crush on Takamine.

How could I not die after the blast overhead in the tunnel. Even when I read this volume the second time, I still felt this overwhelming sense of relief and happiness, but with traces of anxiety. That smile, that wide grin, just brought tears to my eyes.

And really, the trust that Chuutarou has in Tenka is amazing. I knew it before, but Tenka told him to take a blade to his beloved Sora-nii and he did not question the directive, only that he would be the one to do it. It’s sad and beautiful.

On the subject of beatiful, look at this face. Quite literally a far cry from the heartbreaking one in the previous volume.

{Karakara Kemuri} Donten ni Warau-02

Tenka’s guilt is heartbreaking as well. And Chuutarou with his boundless love–Naoto, just give up already.

My goodness, these insufferable feelings everytime Hirari and Botan are on the page. I can’t take it! What will become of their cycle with such a conclusion?

And where’s Nishiki?

Wow! This story was so good. A solid story with lots of heart and plenty of intensity and comedy to balance things out. When I first read the final volume, I wasn’t sure what to do. It was over and I was happy and sad and missing it already. I fell in love with everyone. There’s the anime as well as the Gaiden, but this is the end of this story. Somethings remain unanswered, but overall, I am more than satisfied with the conclusion.

Final Score: [4.4]

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