Notes: Sortilèges

Jean Dufaux & José-Luis Munuera--Sortilèges S1-006aI’ve been waiting for the main story of this series to finish, but now that it has, I’m not so sure it was worth the wait. There are two other books associated with the series, but I think they’re companion books, so whether or not I add them to my collection depends on how this main story turns out. But it’s not looking good.

Revenge for being tossed aside. Gaspard sets out to take revenge on Blanche who ended their relationship so that she could be loyal to her father’s last wish and take over his reign. She was cold in doing so, but is that cause for revenge? He had no plan, no understanding of what he was getting into; he just wanted revenge. Who in their right mind would go to a sorcerer and request assistance and not think that they would have to pay for it in some way? He wanted her to suffer, not because she broke his heart, but because she chose something else over him.

Now these are my thoughts after reading the first few pages, barely 10. At this point I couldn’t imagine this story coming to a satisfying conclusion. People and their entitlement issues. I figure the story might go the way of: the one who ended their relationship wasn’t really Blanche and Gaspard will be taking revenge on her when she doesn’t deserve it–according to him. Then somehow he finds out and tries to rescue her from the clutches of the imposter and then they live happily ever after. I really hope this isn’t it, but regardless of what the story tells, the only way I’ll be happy at the end is if they do not end up together and he suffers for all eternity.

He has every right to be hurt and angry, but he needs to get over it by coming to terms with his new situation. I’ve only gotten about 10 pages in, but I think his deal with the sorceress is not going to go to well for him. He’s illiterate, but signed a cross in the sorceress’ book and never asked about the consequences or what manner of compensation was due–he was just too dead set on making Blanche pay. Man, I hope he suffers.

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