Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key V05 Clockworks


Chapter 1

  • That was quite the introduction.
  • That chapter was awesome!

Chapter 2

  • I feel differently about Ty in glasses.
  • Why does Ty know what salted dog a/h tastes like?
  • I am very scared right now. All the things Tyler wants to keep locked up are running free. This is so bad. What about his guilt?

Chapter 3

  • I think I’ve hit the point where I’m too wrapped up to comment. That’s always a great thing for the story, but never for reviews like this.
  • So that’s what was going on at the end of chapter 1.

Chapter 4

  • Wow. Rendell was stupid!
  • Duncan was a little s***!
  • The doors! Oh, that can’t be good.
  • Where did they come from and why 11?
  • All this time I had this notion that everything they were into now was a discovery and had rules, and maybe some unfortunate things happened because some people didn’t know better, but that is so not the case.

Chapter 5

  • Wow.

Chapter 6

  • I was really happy that Mark was setting things in motion, but then he got happy and ruined it.
  • I knew it!
  • The truth is bitter.
  • This was such a good volume. I’m almost speechless.

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