Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V05


Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V05 [3.8]Now the Emperor is stepping up his I love you game.

What’s going on in Hu Lei’s head? He acts like he hasn’t been traveling with Li Fang for days. Did he forget that Li Fang is generally lighthearted, but that no one should ever mistake that for being carefree? Why would he approach Li Fang like that? That really pissed me off. Also, Li Fang doesn’t need any more reasons to feel inadequate or like he isn’t pulling his weight. Xiang Lin would be so angry with him if he knew he did that, although he probably understands something about Hu Lei that would explain why he did it. When I think about it, it’s Hi Lei who isn’t taking this whole thing seriously. He’s constantly jumping ahead and having close calls that sometimes pose a threat to Xiang Lin. His enthusiasm and determination are great, but he needs to stop and think sometimes.

It’s the little things. I love that Li Fang went to Xiang Lin the next day and told him what happened. It implies a lot. And he stepped to Hu Lei to settle it in a way that would really speak to Hu Lei’s way of thinking.

So the there is only one portal entry from Earth to Jusenkai. Since that is the case, why don’t they already have some sort of capturing spell or shield to automatically apprehend anyone that comes through?They could sort out the good and the bad afterwards. A war has been on the horizon since the story started, you’d think they’d have something in place already.

The first tier rebel soldiers are idiots. All they care about is filling their kill quota so that they can be promoted. They aren’t even fighting for the actual cause. I guess it’s only right that the go in first to wear down the Imperial army by getting themselves killed.

So I know I said I should just give up on the power system, but when a character who can revoke someone’s power comes on the scene, how can I let it go by without at least a mention? And now Li Fang’s have been clarified as well and they are actually close to what I first surmised.

Hurrah for the boarding school AU!

10,000 hurrahs for Long informing Li Fang how to pay respect!

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