Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key V04 Keys to the Kingdom

It’s coming along and I’m in full-on reaction mode.


Chapter 1

  • Bode! Ha! that was a great opener” “…before I befoul myself.”
  • This whole tone is weird. Good, but weird. The art, too.
  • How dare Ty tell Kinsey she can’t keep a secret?! He’s got the loosest lips…
  • Ah, I jumped to soon. That was full up on logic.
  • At first I had major issues with Bode’s little sparrow talk, but then I couldn’t stop laughing at the second panel.
  • Two new keys with in the first couple pages? Or is one of them the one Ty and Bode found inlaid in the floor?
  • The animal key–being a bird could be useful.
  • Is it just me or did they dip their pens in Bill Watterson’s inkwell? I know C&H very well, I’m sure of it.
  • I’ve never been a fan of yonkoma, but the background illustrations make the scenes a lot more interesting. Though I can still do without.
  • Whoa! Did not expect that… so, what’s the deal with that key on… Has it always been there? Is it the key he’s been searching for all this time?
  • This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key V04 Keys to the Kingdom-01

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew I wasn’t crazy! They did pay homage to BW. Nice! Now I get the yonkoma.

Chapter 2

  • Is Scot really sitting on her bed with his shoes on?
  • OK, possibly, but I wouldn’t automatically think Erin Voss’ “white” was about white people, but I suppose it’s good to throw them off track with that. Meanwhile, how long before Zack pays her a visit?
  • Meanwhile, Bode…
  • Whoa, this volume just jumped up a maturity level…
  • What they chose to do with that mirror and the associated conversations made me a little uncomfortable.

Chapter 3

  • Did he seriously throw the hat away? Stupid! It’s definitely a key or something.
  • Why is Jordan even there?
  • So are we just going to skip over the thorny vine key?
  • The Jester key?
  • At least Kinsey seems to be keeping her end of the bargain and letting Bode in on things.
  • Loose lips and all that, I’m not sure how I feel about Kinsey telling Scot and Jamal about the keys, but their “gifts” could come in handy.
  • We are just speeding through the days.
  • What the heck is “half in love”?
  • HAHAHA! Seriously, the hat is still there? Well, I can’t really talk because something similar happened to me, but it’s less likely when you throw it in the trash which should get dumped more often than every month. That can’t be sanitary.
  • The chaos is just laying its hands on everyone, but where is Zack?

Chapter 4

  • I’m in love with Sam and Rufus’ conversation.
  • Nooooooooooooooo! They can’t get back together!

Chapter 5

  • I could practically see the gears in Ty’s head start to move.
  • Is it raining keys in this volume or is it just one key raining chaos?
  • February was a pretty busy month. I’m glad Ty’s not trying to ignore those what-ifs. The last thing he needs to do is play dumb when things seem to be coming to a head.
  • So, did Ty take the location of the omega key out of his head, but keep in something that would help him find it?
  • So the music box is kind of like a pied piper. How’s he going to get out of this?

Chapter 6

  • Oh, Detective, what have you been up to?
  • I need Bode to be really clever right now.
  • I guess not.
  • This is the part in the movie where I get up and walk away because it’s too intense and I can’t see anything good coming out of what just happened.

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