Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V04


Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V04 [3.5]Did Tuo Ren seriously catch a falling boulder to keep it from landing on Li Fang? That’s just crazy! He was straining a bit, but honestly, between gravity, momentum, and coordination, the odds were really stacked against success.

I like Li Fang. In the beginning he was a bit too cheerful for my taste, but his usual straightforwardness and swift dismissal of foolishness has endeared him to me but also kept be cracking up.

So Jing uses a cleansing flame. And Shun, a rebel, teleported in volume 3, by himself it seems, but when the group sensed Na Sha’s ki, they hand to teleport her in. So, are Shun and other rebels special in that they can do it alone or is it something else? I think I just need to give up on understanding their power/skill system; it can’t do anything but continue to frustrate me.

Tuo Ren’s parents were the absolute worse and probably deserved each other, but no child deserves to be cursed with parents like them.

With the prophecy being revealed, I wonder how much more protective Tuo Ren will be when it comes to Li Fang. It’s amazing to think that Tuo Ren still has room to grow. I’m hoping for some sort of advance in Li Fang’s abilities so that he can stop being the only one who doesn’t recognize his progress.

Even if I overlook the the undefined power aspect of this story, I can’t even will myself to do the same for these feather light BL relationships. With Tuo Ren and Li Fang professing their love every chance they get and Xiang Lin and Hu Lei constantly engaging in bickering that reads more like flirtation, it’s practically impossible. Gosh, they’re so cute!

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