Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V05

So the truth revealed in the previous volume is explained right off the bat. But it’s still not good for Tenka. And it still doesn’t explain why the orochi was once referred to in terms of many and now only as one.

Then there’s Shirasu. I don’t want to believe it, but I’m not even surprised, really, just sad. Well, wow, but I knew that there was more to him, and I only briefly considered that he might be an enemy, but not to that extent. And what’s up with Kotarou’s right eye?

I’m loving Hirari and Tenka’s relationship. This Hirari is a lot more subdued than the first, but he’s still Hirari.

So back to Tenka’s plea for them to laugh. It came off like “something Tenka would say,” but it was much more than that. It really was a plea to be happy to not let the negative emotions fester thereby creating a foothold for the Orochi.

And now I understand why the swords are not use to kill, but to protect and be protected.

Can I just say that seeing the presence of the Orochi on this cycle’s real vessel–the scales–especially when he went to Sousei, was far creepier than seeing it at any other point thus far. It was almost grotesque. And it really didn’t look different–I suppose it’s just my emotional attachment.

I was nearly undone by this panel.

{Karakara Kemuri} Donten ni Warau-01

Poor Nishiki. Though I wonder where her loyalties lie, I think since she is only half-baked, she can still be saved. Now I understand why Shirasu acted so coldly towards her.

And so they meet. It’s bittersweet. I’m so happy that Botan and Hirari have met again, but understanding the circumstances under which he reincarnates and they meet makes me sad. Have they ever considered trying to stop the cycle altogether or are they of the understanding that there is no way to do that and they just have to deal with this every 300 years? I forgot Botan could handle herself. She’s aces with a throwing knife.

Man, I feel drained. I need to prepare myself for the final volume. I may need to be resuscitated. Please stand by.


is-cru repliedRight there with Ya!!! <3 I adore this series!

Ah, thanx! Please hold my hand!

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