Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V03

I’m now halfway through and it looks like my will is failing in the face of more heartbreak. So many things. Soramaru is torn between not wanting to trouble his brother anymore than he already is and wanting to take strides (dangerous ones) towards surpassing him. So he infiltrates the jail, but he’s not good at keeping a low profile. However, even if he truly understood the concept of stealth and laying low, he’d still standout because of his hair. All of the other prisoners have buzz cuts, yet his wig is a perfect example of manga bedhead.

A shadowy figure last seen in the first volume returns and triggers Soramaru’s repressed memories to come to the surface. Shirasu lets his hair down; after the commotion of Soramaru’s extraction, Shirasu is confronted and an ominous presence emerges from the lake. Finally my heart is at once elated by the appearance of Hirari and shredded by an expected, but completely unwelcomed farewell. It hurts.

It doesn’t seem to be reincarnation, but how can he live so long? Although he was seen as nothing but a tool, I don’t remember any details about Hirari’s existence being other than human. I may have to reread or perhaps it will be explained soon, but either way I’m so happy that he’s back on the scene not looking a day older.


is-cru repliedHang in there!! There’s more heartbreak to come. T_T But still a REALLY good series!!

It’s so hard not to rush through and read it in one go, but I like it so much, even though it’s killing me! I’m pacing myself because sometimes I like to torture myself and let the hurt sink in. So I’m both happy and sad about encountering more heartbreak. You are right, though, it is really good.

Once I finish, I’m going to move on to the anime.

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