Notes: DC 101

As far as DC Comics goes, since way back, I’ve only ever been interested in Batman. I’ve seen at least one of the Christopher Reeve Superman films, but, beyond that, the rest of the universe just never caught on for me. Even still, I have a healthy curiosity for universes, so occasionally I’ll read a bit. Not that I don’t already have tons of things waiting to be read, but more books never hurt.

comixology has a nice collection of intros to the “you ought to knows” of the DC universe. Each 101 title offers a list of comics and an assortment of comic book covers, pages, panels, and spreads featuring the team or lone character advertised. They’re free, so…

{DC} Suicide Squad 101

{DC} Bane 101

{DC} Batman 101

{DC} Catwoman 101

 Aquaman | Bane | Batman | Catwoman | Green Arrow | Green Lantern | Justice League of America (JLA) | Justice Society of America (JSA) | Legion of Super-Heroes | Robin | Nightwing | Suicide Squad | Superman | Teen Titans | The Flash | Wonder Woman


ylva-li repliedNightwing was and is my favourite DC character <3

Even if only for the character design, he stood out the most among the bunch, so I’ll probably read more of him.


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