Caught My Eye: The Kitchen

I haven’t read the full intro yet, but I just had to say that this cover just made me cringe.

In New York City, you don’t earn respect staying at home, you earn it out on the streets.

I read that before my eyes traveled down to the focal point. With a title like that and after a tag line like that, seeing three women didn’t really make it any better.

I just feel like it comes off all wrong. I’m no innocent, but neither am I among the jaded. I can play devil’s advocate, but the worst is usually not the first thing to come to mind. However, my first impression conjured up visions of the “no” symbol stamped over Peg Bundy on a sofa presented in deference to a moonlit Julia Roberts, complete with blonde wig, one minute pre-Edward.

Ah, but perspective. My first encounter with this was via Tumblr and like any post, you view it top-down. Had I caught it on the store shelf, I would have seen the women first, their to hell with it all, but me looks, the smoking gun, and then after some time, my eyes would have found their way to the tagline. If that happened, would I have been so repulsed?

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