The New 52 – Batman

I’ll be starting this series soon

  • V01 Batman: The Court of Owls – Issues #1-7
  • V02 Batman: The City of Owls – Issues #8-12, Annual #1
  • V03 Batman: Death of the Family – Issues #13-17
  • V04 Batman: Zero Year – Secret City – Issues #0, #21-24, Annual #2
  • V05 Batman: Zero Year – Dark City – Issues #25-27, #29-33

Issues #18-20 aren’t collected as far as I can tell, not sure why. Issue #18 has a guest artist, but #19 and #20 are Snyder & Capullo, so, no clue. I’ll be reading them, though. Issue #28 is a future issue for Batman Eternal; I’m going to skip that. And issues #34 and on have not been collected as of yet; I’ll wait on these.

EDIT: There’s also Batman: Futures End #1 which is set 35 years into the future. It just started in May. I’m not sure I want to get into that yet, but it’s on the list.

This collection is a prime example of why I stopped reading capes in the first place. There’s too much to keep track of; with the past, present, and future story lines running concurrently, it’s a bit much.

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