Kori Michele: Prince of Cats C01

{Kori Michele} Prince of CatsKnowing that there is a character who can talk to animals-specifically cats–you are going to wonder if anyone else knows that he can. The first time Lee said something to Frank about a cat talking to him, I couldn’t tell Frank’s response was sarcastic or sincere. However, the next time it happened, I understood that not only did Frank know, he also believed him. How long did it take for him to say to himself, “okay, Lee can converse with cats” and be alright with it? And it’s just like anything else; just like Lee can speak another human language. I like when fantasy or sci-fi is just slipped in like wallpaper.

This (assumed, because I don’t know how likely things like this are in their world yet) supernatural event and resulting reality adjustment for Lee and Frank happened before page one and it makes me wonder what else happened before we meet them. Most stories exist before the first page, so that’s nothing new, but with the way these best friends are at once at ease and awkward with each other, I’m made even more curious. There are things that the comic explicitly illustrates that Lee and Frank aren’t saying to each other, but there’s a somewhat subtle undercurrent of feelings that aren’t being expressed in any way and it’s apparent from the very beginning. What I want to know is if the awkwardness is because they have become aware of their own and each others’ feelings, but have yet to say anything or is it because they have said something, but don’t know where to go from there.

This chapter ended with a flashback that created more questions than it answered.

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