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amethewombat answers 25 questions about her reading habits and history.

<333 I’m sorry for taking forever to do this OTL

I answered the questions with the classic meaning of book in mind (excluding manga and fanfiction)

1. Did you start learning to read in school or at home? At home. I’m not sure how it happened but one day I just knew how to read.

2. Were you told bedtimes stories when you were younger? Yeah, but my mom was always tired and she used to doze off a lot which made me upset so as soon as I could read, I preferred reading by myself.

3. Do you prefer paperback or hardcover? It depends. Hardcover is nice but when I want to take the book with me, paperback is more convenient.

4. Do you prefer borrowed, used, or brand new? Brand new. I like sniffing brand new books. 😀 But I like VERY old books too. My family has some from the end of 19th century.

5. List a book you’ve read more than 10 times. Winnetou by Karl May. :’D Probably that’s the only one I’ve read more than 10 times.

6. List a book series you’ve read more than 3 times. Lord of the Rings I guess.

7. List a book/series you liked the film adaptation of. I like The Last of the Mohicans’ film adaptation better than the original book. :’D

8. List an author you’ve recently discovered. Oh dear, there’s no such thing. In the last few years I only read manga, fanfiction and articles/books for my college papers and theses. /sigh

9. List a book/series you wish you had more people to talk about it with. Books of Rejtő Jenő. (He was a Hungarian author and wrote lots of very funny novels. I like him as much as P.G. Wodehouse.)

10. List the author you’ve read the most books by.That would be probably Jókai Mór. He was the greatest novelist of Hungarian romanticism and I was a huge fan of his works at the age of 12-16. :’D

11. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and liked. Molnár Ferenc: A Pál utcai fiúk (The Paul Street Boys)

12. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and didn’t like or didn’t get. When I was 11, I had to read Egri csillagok (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) by Gárdonyi Géza (for school) but I didn’t like it at all. Later I reread it and loved it. I guess I was just too young before.

13. List a book that a lot of people seemed to like, but you didn’t. I don’t know… only Harry Potter comes to my mind, everyone at my age was reading it but I wasn’t interested in it at all and didn’t even bother to read it. I guess I prided myself in reading “serious” and “classic” literature at that time. :’D

14. List a book that a lot of people seemed to dislike, but you didn’t. I can only think of required-to-read books in high school. I’m pretty sure that I was the only one in my class who was willing to read (and even liked!) Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. :’D

15. Do you read book introductions or synopses before or after you read the story? Usually. Not every time. (only introductions though)

16. List a book you’ve read that had one of the best surprise endings. Nothing comes to my mind, I’m sorry~~ ;__;

17. Do you leave notes in margins or leave the book pristine? No, I never leave notes. Or wait… When I was 9 and was reading Oliver Twist, there was that scene with the dog’s death which I didn’t like at all (even though I’m not a dog person, I felt sorry for it) so I “fixed” that part with a black marker. :’D

18. Do you prefer dogears or bookmarks? Bookmarks.

19. Do you remove the dust jacket when you read? I usually remove it.

20. Do you prefer to read in one sitting or take breaks? It depends on my mood.

21. Do you prefer to lounge (in bed or on a sofa) or sit while reading? Well… since my armchair is always full of clothes, I usually read in my bed. :’D

22. List a book/series that wasn’t as great the second time around. Agatha Christie’s detective novels? XD

23. Have you ever read a book and imagined specific people (actor, friend, family member, guy at the bus stop) as some of the characters? If so, which book and which person/people? YESYESYES!! mainly Rejtő Jenő’s books and I particularly remember that I imagined Terence Hill as one of his main characters XD

24. Has anything interesting ever happened to you in a bookstore or while buying a book? No, not really. Once I was standing by the manga section and some teenagers were overly excited about Death Note I guess and I told them it’s cheaper by ordering online. XD I don’t know if this counts as “interesting” LOL. XD

25. Do you reread to relive or to remember? I used to reread to relive. But since I’ve barely read any “proper” books since 2007, there are lots of books I’ve probably completely forgotten. :’(

Me: Comics, manga and fanfics are equally relevant, so you’ll have to include those next time.

I’ve been meaning to check out Wodehouse.

I hear a lot that people didn’t “get” a classic when they read it school, but understood it when they read it again when they got older. It makes me wonder why schools force classics on students when some of theme contain themes that are difficult for kids to fully grasp not having lived much.

Your Oliver Twist anecdote is too funny!

I wonder how many people are equally excited the second time they read a mystery as they were the first.


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