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My previous MR post focused on the train wrecks Manga Reborn were trying to pass off as covers. Now I want to show that it’s not all bad where their first impressions are concerned.

However, you can clearly see that the better covers don’t stray very far form the original, if at all (in the case of Murata Junko’s Husky Voice). I looked at some of the originals of the ones in my previous post–I was remiss in this the first time around–and they was were messy, too.

But not always, and even if they were, can’t the cover designers at MR tell bad design when they see it?

I know there are restrictions and expectations set forth in licences, but I have a feeling that the decisions that result in these covers, both good and bad, were not muddled by them. They’re just mimics, and not really good ones, those cover designers.

In better news, Sato Shuho’s Manga Poverty is actually a title that I’m interested in reading; at first I was disappointed because it seemed that it was only available on Kindle and iTunes–those pay-for-the-privilege deals are a no-go for me. But it turns out that it’s also available on Smashwords, so I can download the epub without worry.


is-cru repliedAt least these aren’t AS bad as the previous ones. If it was me designing the covers, I’d do one that’s not so… obstructive to the art.

Exactly! Why would you obscure it to such a point? One thing I didn’t mention was the obvious style change when you compare the genre or intended audience. But even if you like trashy (an assumption, and not meant in a derogatory manner) stories, that doesn’t mean you’re okay with being visually assaulted by the covers. There’s eye-catching and then there’s those covers.

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