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The most recent post on Manga Reborn’s tumblr is an announcement regarding the licensing of new works by Koyama Chuuya and Mita Norifusa (not Space Brothers and Dragon Zakura as previously misunderstood by some)—that was more than a year ago. Since then they’ve been pretty quiet. They released a bunch of titles on Kindle in July (some of which are shown above) and were somewhat active on Twitter and Facebook until the end of August when it seems all activity came to a halt. I wonder what’s up. But this isn’t a “where are they now” post; this is about the mess below.

It’s typical cover art, but the typefaces and their styling… I think it’s enough to say that my feelings are hurt. From what I can tell, they received clean cover files and even though they didn’t have to creatively compensate for sub-par cleaning and redraws, they still chose to splash nonsense on them.

London Romance isn’t terrible, but it’s still not good (let’s not talk about it looking like an Emma knockoff).

For that matter, neither is The Strange Tale…; however, I never though I’d meet a day where I saw fit to use DMG cover title styling as an example of what could have been done better, but here I am. These two also have the distinction among the group of not having a pointlessly long and uninspiring title. I understand working on a budget, but presentation goes a long way; spend the money.

Has anyone read any Manga Reborn titles?


is-cru replied: I didn’t even think they were still around. *headdesk*

I still follow them on here, but I forget about them all the time. I can’t even remember what I was looking for when I found these. I got sidetracked by the shamelessness and couldn’t pass up sharing it.

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