Random Shelf: Mizushiro, Ogawa, and More

Eiki Eiki: Millennium Prime Minister – I didn’t think I was going to like this one, but I bought it because I’m fan of Eiki & Co. It was really good and the BL follow up, Yuigon was good, too.

Kotegawa Yua: Anne Freaks – I can’t remember what it’s about. My sister rec’d it to me some years ago and I bought it some years ago, but I have yet to read it.

Ogawa Yayoi: Tramps Like Us – Sumire-chan and Momo! Even though the drama with Senpai and his pet was a little enh for me, I still think this story was pretty much perfect.

Mizushiro Setona – After School Nightmare – How can she be so good? Mizushiro is an awesome storyteller and this series is one of her best and it has one of the best endings I’ve ever come across. Ever.

Pentabu & Shinba Rize: My Girlfriend is a Geek – Personally I would have preferred the title be My Girlfriend is a Fujoshi, but whatever. I think I’ve only read the first three volumes, but I enjoyed them if I remember correctly.

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