Random Shelf: Kawahara and Tsuda

I’m sitting next to my completed shoujo series bookshelf. I love being surrounded by books. I’d show you guys the rest of the bookshelf, but I’d have to get up to do that and I’m really comfortable right now.

Tsuda Masami: Kare Kano – I’d have lots of shoujo babies with this series if I could. I was very happy that the main title was Kare Kano and that they allowed the subtitle to be His and Her Circumstances; after all these years, it still makes me giddy that I can see it on my shelf. I’m almost positive that Yukinon and Arima were my first shoujo otp.

Kawahara Kazune: High School Debut – I just want to nom their cheeks; I love these kids so much with their idealism and ambitions and insecurities and flaws. Haruna is my favorite character, but Asaoka is a close second.

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