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unspark answers 25 questions about her reading habits and history.

Did you start learning to read in school or at home? Uhh, to be honest I’m really fuzzy about details of when I was little. I’m unsure o-|<

Were you told bedtimes stories when you were younger? No, haha..

Do you prefer paperback or hardcover? I guess it would depend on the book. If it’s a large book (length or size wise) it’s less heavy if paperback. If it’s a book I love then I wouldn’t mind owning a hardcover. I love that The Heart of Thomas got a hardcover English release, even though it’s freaking huge…..

But in the end what matters is which version has the better cover!

Do you prefer borrowed, used, or brand new? I stopped borrowing from the library when I ended up with a $1 or $2 fine for a late book lmao. It was a really shitty book so I was mad I got fined for it. I borrowed a family member’s library card a couple of times afterwards, but yeah, nowadays I buy books used or new. I get through books slower than I used to in teen years so having my own copy leaves me with the freedom to get to it in my own time. I’ll usually search for a used version first before buying a new copy.

List a book you’ve read more than 10 times. I DON’T KNOW IF THERE’S A BOOK I READ THAT MUCH LMAO. The book I’ve probably read the most is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Not quite sure if that reached 10 times but maybe that should be the minimum number of times I read it..

List a book series you’ve read more than 3 times. I’ve read the Harry Potter series 1.5 times lol, though I did read certain volumes more than twice.

If we’re counting manga, I’m rereading Nabari no Ou for the second time. It was one of the very first manga series I fell in love with and I’m rereading (out of order) as I collect the Yen Press volumes. I’ll probably wait a couple of years before I do a third reread – one that’s actually in the correct volume order, hah.

List a book/series you liked the film adaptation of. I watch films a lot less than I read books (and I honestly don’t get through that many books these days). I not really one to nitpick book/film adaptations either.

I loved the film The Girl Who Leapt Through Time so when I found out it was originally based on a novel that happened to be translated in English, I jumped on that asap. Turns out it was a children’s book so it was very simplistic and a rather unsatisfying read. The film is set as a loose sequel to the novel (protagonist of novel is the aunt in the film), so I think they did a superb job of adapting it from the original material that wasn’t too fleshed out.

List an author you’ve recently discovered. Mishima Yukio. I finished Forbidden Colours the other month. The book was on this homolust rec list from /cm/ years back, but I forgot about it until recently. I couldn’t find a copy at first so I read a ebook of The Sound of Waves (Yamashita Tomoko referenced this in Black-Winged Love!) while waiting for a physical copy of Forbidden Colours to arrive. The Sound of Waves was a simple pure love story and the writing style reflected that – wasn’t my type of book. Forbidden Colours, on the other hand, was a lot more serious in nature; homosexuality, misogyny, infidelity, characters with terrible ideologies run the book. I enjoyed it more than The Sound of Waves, but the length of time it took me to finish it is way longer than I’d like to admit. It reminded me of Dorian Gray. Not sure if I’ll read another book by his – the difference between the two novels were pretty vast so depending on which style he uses in his other books it might be a hit or miss to me.

List a book/series you wish you had more people to talk about it with. mmm not sure! I haven’t came across a book so obscure that there’s a tiny fanbase.

Maybe if we’re talking about manga I’d love more people to hear me gush about Tatsumi discuss Giant Killing. It’s a football series that, unlike the popular sports series Tumblr loves, is set in the professional league so it’s not Cute High Schoolers Touching Balls. It’s just a really good series that shows everyone from the fans, journalists, photographers, pr and management etc matters to the sporting world.

List the author you’ve read the most books by. The most books I’ve read by a single author is also probably because it’s a series of books rather than individual stories. JK Rowling (Harry Potter), Narita Ryohgo (Baccano!), Asano Atsuko (No. 6) are all around 7-9 volumes, I think.

For manga it’s probably CLAMP. My sweet teenage crush.

List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and liked. Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s playful and fun and utter nonsense.

List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and didn’t like or didn’t get. uhhhhh this is a really obvious answer, but everything Shakespeare. I had to read his stuff in high school and we dissected it and everything, but honestly it would’ve completely flown over my head if we didn’t have someone teaching us. I tried to read The Tempest after I finished watching Zetsuen no Tempest some months back but it was honestly a struggle. That said, even if I don’t understand what the hell is happening, the way he writes fascinates me.

List a book that a lot of people seemed to like, but you didn’t. Looking for Alaska by John Green. Oh my god, talk about pretentious trash. It tries so, so hard to be The Catcher in the Rye.

List a book that a lot of people seemed to dislike, but you did. Not sure!

Do you read book introductions or synopses before or after you read the story? I read the introductions before just because I feel like I have to start at the very beginning of the book to get to the end.

List a book you’ve read that had one of the best surprise endings. Hmm, can’t think of any off the top of my head. Perhaps a Baccano! volume – that series has so many crazy twists.

Do you leave notes in margins or leave the book pristine? I leave a post-it tab sometimes with writing on it.

Do you prefer dogears or bookmarks? I dogear a lot when I didn’t have bookmarks previously. I have a bunch now that I use in place, but sometimes when I’m too lazy to grab one I end up folding the corner.

Do you remove the dust jacket when you read? Not usually, only if it gets in the way.

Do you prefer to read in one sitting or take breaks? I used to be really good at reading in one sitting, but I’m too easily distracted nowadays. I would prefer the former but I need to work on it.

Do you prefer to lounge (in bed or on a sofa) or sit while reading? I have really bad posture so I should sit correctly rather than whatever the hell I’ve been doing.

List a book/series that wasn’t as great the second time around. The only book I can think of is The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. I read it when I was in intermediate and it became one of my favourite books. I reread it a few years later and couldn’t find the charm that I supposedly felt the first time.

Have you ever read a book and imagined specific people (actor, friend, family member, guy at the bus stop) as some of the characters? If so, which book and which person/people? Nope.

Has anything interesting ever happened to you in a bookstore or while buying a book? There were some fun adventures in used bookstores I visited with friends but I can’t remember any off the top of my head.

Do you reread to relive or to remember? There’s a bit of crossover, I think, but the former, mostly.

MeThe Heart of Thomas is very encyclopedia-like.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is one of my favorites. I haven’t read the novel, but I was always a little sad that there wasn’t more about the aunt, because I knew there was more there. It’s been on my list, but I think I’ll pick it up sooner now that I know it’s about the aunt, though it being a children’s book puts a bit of a damper on my expectations.

Yamashita mentioning The Sound of Waves got my attention because I didn’t know it was also a book. I have or had one of the film adaptations, but I never watched it. I also have the book now, but I haven’t read it.

“Cute High Schoolers Touching Balls” Ha! I’ve wanted to take a look at it since Yoneda’s first doujinshi, but I had and still have so many other things to get through. But if her or Unoderi’s portrayals are anything like the source material, then, I think I’ll enjoy it very much.

I’m really glad that even though Shakespeare is kind of ??? for you, that you’ve still found a way to appreciate his work!

The post-it strips are the best!


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