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randomwordstogether answers 25 questions about her reading habits and history.

Because Himi wanted to know. 😀

1. Did you start learning to read in school or at home? I’m not sure. Most likely at home since I can recall my mom reading books with me at bedtime and pointing out words.

2. Were you told bedtimes stories when you were younger? Yes.

3. Do you prefer paperback or hardcover? Paperback. Less expensive and easier to bring to places.

4. Do you prefer borrowed, used, or brand new? All of the above? Haha. Buying used vs brand new depends on the availability of the book. If it’s available in used bookstores, I’ll buy that one since it’s less expensive and feels like I won in a treasure hunt. I prefer the smell of used books, too.

I borrow books if it’s too expensive and I know I’ll only need to read it once.

5. List a book you’ve read more than 10 times. Definitely all the manga I have, I’ve read more than 10 times. I’ve also collected a lot of Jude Deveraux romance novels since high school so most likely those, too. LOOOOL.

6. List a  book series you’ve read more than 3 times. Just 3 times? Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

7. List a book/series you liked the film adaptation of. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Harry Potter series.

8.  List an author you’ve recently discovered. It’s not very recent, but the last book I blindly bought and liked was Angelology by Danielle Trussoni.

9. List a book/series you wish you had more people to talk about it with. I wish people talk more about Sex Pistols manga, especially the Mermaid arc. I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on there…

10. List the author you’ve read the most books by. Does RL Stine count? XD If I’m trying to impress people I would say books by Anne Rice, but if I’m totally being honest that would be Jude Deveraux’s romance novels. Curse her fictional genealogy and prolific writing!

11. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and liked. Erm, Noli me Tangere by Jose Rizal? Haha (Laughing because this is a mandatory high school read). I’m not sure but I think we have a lot more classic short stories rather than novels. For short stories my favorites are Ibong Adarna and May Day Eve. For epics I liked Hudhud hi Aliguyon and Ibalong. Hudhud I had to read the translated English version in story form because I don’t speak the original language.

12. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and didn’t like or didn’t get. A Season of Grace by NVM Gonzales. The story was not that memorable for me. I can’t even remember the plot, I think it had something to do with rice-planting.

13. List a book that a lot of people seemed to like, but you didn’t. You Suck by Chuck Palahniuk and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I just didn’t feel the same enjoyment and awe that other people seemed to have.

14. List a book that a lot of people seemed to dislike, but you did.  My friend never let me forget I liked Twilight the first time I read it. XD XD XD

15. Do you read book introductions or synopses before or after you read the story? I always read the book introductions before reading the story. I don’t usually look for synopses online because I might accidentally see spoilers.

16. List a book you’ve read that had one of the best surprise endings. Phantom by Susan Kay. It’s a retelling of the Phantom of the Opera that focused more on the Phantom’s back story.

17. Do you leave notes in margins or leave the book pristine? O_O. Pristine. I will backslap anyone who writes anything on my books. I might leave some notes on textbooks like additional equations, but only in pencil. And no, nobody else gets to do that.

18. Do you prefer dogears or bookmarks? Bookmarks. I actually don’t like when people dogear my books.

19. Do you remove the dust jacket when you read? Yes, because I might accidentally tear them.

20. Do you prefer to read in one sitting or take breaks? No preference, it actually depends on how exciting the book is. Sometimes I force myself to finish a popular book to avoid spoilers, like with HP and the Half Blood Prince.

21. Do you prefer to lounge (in bed or on a sofa) or sit while reading? Lying down is the best. My eyeglasses are forever crooked because I also prefer lying on my side while reading.

22. List a book/series that wasn’t as great the second time around. I think this is very common with thrillers or mystery books. Whenever I re-read something like that, it would be for all the little details that I missed because most likely I was speeding through the pages the first time around to get to the big reveal.

23. Have you ever read a book and imagined specific people (actor, friend, family member, guy at the bus stop) as some of the characters? If so, which book and which person/people? When he was younger, I wanted a blond Emile Hirshe to play Dorian Gray.

24. Has anything interesting ever happened to you in a bookstore or while buying a book? Nope, pretty boring book-buying experience so far. XD

25. Do you reread to relive or to remember? To remember, I guess. I don’t think I can ever get back the feeling of the very first read.

Me: Are you going to attempt the marathon of the ages once the final Hobbit film comes out? I totally am!

I am here for you and Sex Pistols! Although I did stop reading at the mermaid arc–not stopped as in gave up; I just took an extended break from it. Partially because it had this vague creepiness to it and partially because I have very little interest in mer-people. But I would love to talk about it! I love that series!

Generational storytelling is interesting to me; It’s one of the reasons why I love V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series. Don’t know how I would do with romance, but I might give this Jude Deveraux a try.

I’m adding Phantom to my list!

Even though I know I’m doing terrible things to my spin when I lie on my side, it’s inevitable that I end up that way. On the other hand, lying on my back is dangerous, especially when I’m reading my NOOK, because it’s also inevitable that the book will fall on my face.

I can see Emile, I can really see him as Dorian Gray.

A The Hobbit marathon sounds scarily awesome, hahaha. I haven’t watched any of the movies, so I’ll probably end up doing just that.

Yeah, the mermaid arc was creepy from the start. The unofficial translations were a bit confusing, maybe because it was done in a hurry or they did not use raws so something was lost in translation (like how Shinobu seemed like Kunimasa’s uncle but isn’t he their half-brother?). But I want to know why the mermaid heavyseed gene persists when it’s so unstable and can rarely be supported by the human body. I get the heavy seed-difficult conception concept but that the mermaids need to exist on a different realm or their bodies can be destroyed just…lost me.

If you’re going to start with Jude, I suggest The Duchess, A Knight in Shining Armor, or The Invitation. Best read when you’re on your period with raging hormones and you’re not likely to mind how unfeminist the stories are. XD

Yes, please give Phantom a try! I love the Phantom of the Opera story so it was a very satisfying “fanfiction”.

Ack, I know what you mean. I read using my phone, and I’ve dropped it on my face a couple of times already.

At the time I read The Portrait of Dorian Gray, I’ve only watched A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and I haven’t watched the 1945 Dorian Gray movie, so I was really surprised when he’s actually supposed to be this innocent-looking blond young man (with major uke vibes), and not the sexy dark-haired Stuart Townsend version (with major MAJOR seme vibes).


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