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konhiwatarikyouyama answers 25 questions about her reading habits and history.

  1. Did you start learning to read in school or at home? At school
  2. Were you told bedtimes stories when you were younger? si
  3. Do you prefer paperback or hardcover? I like hardcover but most of my books are paperback because they’re cheaper and I couldn’t afford hardcover. I’m still longing for my HP harcover collection but they don’t sell it anymore.
  4. Do you prefer borrowed, used, or brand new? it depends on the book, but I prefer to have my own books, brand new.
  5. List a book you’ve read more than 10 times. problably Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  6. List a  book series you’ve read more than 3 times. Definitely Harry Potter.
  7. List a book/series you liked the film adaptation of. The Hunger Games, HP1, Davinci’s code…. The Faul in our Stars
  8. List an author you’ve recently discovered. do fanfic writers count? because I adore latelyand yes I adore her (as you can see she can write a good plot, and fluff, and awesome sexy times)
  9. List a book/series you wish you had more people to talk about it with. I… don’t know, I usuaally don’t talk about books with anyone D:
  10. List the author you’ve read the most books by. J.K. Rowling… what.
  11. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and liked. None, all of them were boring TAT
  12. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and didn’t like or didn’t get. All of them
  13. List a book that a lot of people seemed to like, but you didn’t. Twilight, El Alquimista.
  14. List a book that a lot of people seemed to dislike, but you did. It hasn’t happened yet, I think.
  15. Do you read book introductions or synopses before or after you read the story? Just the sinopsis that is on the back cover, I avoid spoilers
  16. List a book you’ve read that had one of the best surprise endings. I think I’m very impressible so, all hp.
  17. Do you leave notes in margins or leave the book pristine? I don’t like to write on my books, unless they are textboks.
  18. Do you prefer dogears or bookmarks? I don’t know what are dogears so, bookmarks, wooden ones.
  19. Do you remove the dust jacket when you read? for mangas sometimes.
  20. Do you prefer to read in one sitting or take breaks? I really depends on what I am reading but still, I take little breaks.
  21. Do you prefer to lounge (in bed or on a sofa) or sit while reading? lounge but thats more dificult and tiring
  22. List a book/series that wasn’t as great the second time around. uhh… uhhhhhhh, can’t remember
  23. Have you ever read a book and imagined specific people (actor, friend, family member, guy at the bus stop) as some of the characters? If so, which book and which person/people?yes, but I can’t remember exactly which xD
  24. Has anything interesting ever happened to you in a bookstore or while buying a book? I didn’t know the real story of the little mermaid and the lady on the bookstore told me. And I really liked it.
  25. Do you reread to relive or to remember? I suppose to relieve.

Me: What was your favorite bedtime story that you can remember?

There are so many hard cover designs, which editions do you like the most?

Yes, fanfic writers count. How did you find her?

Dogears are when you turn down the corner of the page to hold your place.

Mmm mom used to invent the stories so I don’t really… there’s one that I like but I think that wasn’t a bedtime story xD, there were little palm trees on the sidewalks near my house and one day someone cut them off, but they left part of the stem, and the top of it was cut in half. Mom told me that that was a mermaid’s tail, that the mermaids got out at night and “walked” around the city, but they had to return before the dawn or they would turn in to wood, this mermaid was late and when she tried to go back underground the sun touched her and so her tail was left outside, petrified.

For HP I really haven’rt seen the hardcovers, I just remember the ones in spanish xD, and the sixth from bloomsbury because someone gave it to me as a birthday present so I guess that one xD. I really like the new british covers but I don’t know if they’re hardcovers…. As in general, I like hardcovers that look like antique books [like this?].

I found lately [ aeggyu ] one day [a year and a half ago]… when I was stalking someone’s blog I think? and a comment or tag on someone’s post, something with “omg you are the person who wrote that awesome phonesex woogyu” and I was all “what??? I want to read!!!” so I clicked the link on the post, that led me to If We Met, Since it was long [at least for me at that time] and in english, it took me about 5 to 6 hours to read it. but I fell in love. I loved the plot, I loved the way it wass writted, her vocabulary, the characters, I loved the feelings [and the idea of the lack of them], so I kept reading more of her works, and I fell deeper. And later I was even more impressed when I learned her first language wasn’t english xD. I really enjoy her stories, I hope she can find motivation again. I miss her [but who am I to talk, I can’t even draw right now]

Then I don’t like dogears xD

Me: That’s a pretty cool story!

Which ones are the new UK covers? Which Bloomsbury edition do you have? And have you seen these? (I really like this site and what they do, but they’re also reinforcing gender stereotypes with some of their book collections, so I won’t praise them too much.)

new covers x

I own this one

I had not seen them they look so cool!!!! I want!… the 3! gryffindor and slytherin looksso good!… anh but I’d prefer the ones with the new cover and I actually could make a dust cover like those. xD they look cool.

Me: I’ve seen the Kazu Kibuishi set; those are paperback.

ahhhh… I still want them xDDD they so pretty1!!!!!


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