Notes: Digital Limits

I was checking out Viz digital titles and came across this:

Mature series can only be accessed via the web reader from your PC or Mac.

Not only am I unable to download my purchase in a truly portable format, but I’m also supposed to be OK with restrictions to which devices I can read them on? Sure. This particular one doesn’t effect me because I already have Blue Spring in print, but I’m just not too keen on the idea of not actually owning something I purchased. I don’t have the space to house everything in print, so I have to be conservative about my print choices, but it’s hard for me to buy the digital titles when I won’t actually own them in the sense that I can do whatever I want with them. This is what’s stopping me from spending all of my money on manga.

is-cru replied: Actually you can still read them on their mobile apps. I read Midnight Secretary on iPad’s Viz Manga app. The only thing is the covers come up blank, but you can still download them to read.I hope that was helpful.

No cover? That’s weird. I guess it might be because the format is recognized by the app, but the title’s probably not in the app’s index. Or it could just be weird.

requierobl replied: Yeah, I figured this out after I bought a title from them about two years ago. It’s a shame they haven’t changed their policy because I want to support more manga apart from bl, but the JManga fiasco has made wary.

Even before JManga went down, I bought a few NOOK, Kindle, and early eManga titles and I just didn’t like not being able do what I wanted with them. I was satisfied since I at least tried it out, but, ultimately, I just couldn’t buy into that model. Then when JManga did go down, I was even more against it. I will eventually find some time to crack the ones I bought with Calibre just so that I can back them up.

I reblogged this answer from Vertical earlier and they were saying that digital sales are so-so (industry-wide) and I have to wonder how many manga/comic readers mind the pay-for-the-privilege model. I can’t put the full blame on the ENG publishers because DRM/some form of security is a requirement in a lot of their licensing contracts, but I wonder how many ENG publishers spend time trying to persuade the JPN publishers to the contrary.

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