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Spoilers, ho!


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  • Wait… What was that? Bumi just… It’s not latent abilities… there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this… right?
  • She has a blue glider!
  • “I should be able to fix this; I’m the Avatar.” I see she still hasn’t truly grasped what it means to be the Avatar. She’s supposed to maintain balance, but how can she when she doesn’t take time to understand what’s on both sides of the scale. It’s early yet, so I won’t pin disappointment on her for now, but she’s really got to stop looking at the role of the Avatar as some kind of social status or trophy. She’s supposed to be a mediator, but in order to be good at that, you have to be good at listening and curbing any habits of jumping to conclusions. She still has a ways to go.

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  • FINALLY! FREAKIN’ FINALLY! I really like Bumi and I’ve just been completely crushed by the way they treat him. They never showed that he was caught in a lie when he was a kid, so it always bothered me that they seemed to not believe him because he was seemingly carefree and animated. Finally. Well, I still don’t believe he was bending, but at least they finally saw proof of one of his wild stories.
  • OK, so it’s a phenomenon… I assume caused by the Harmonic Convergence.

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  • Thank goodness for Tenzin, I wish she would just listen to him. He’s been saying the same things the whole time.
  • Well, hello, Zaheer… or should I say, Henry Rollins! The credits will prove me right on this.
  • Zaheer certainly made use of his solitude.
  • Now with this, I return to my previous question about bending… It’s definitely hereditary, but it can also be learn the way Toph learned from the badgermoles. So if that’s so, why aren’t there more airbenders until now. Then again, there’s nothing that says that Toph’s bending didn’t skip her parents generation and she had the genes before the badgermoles.


  • Mako is a dork.
  • I get their desire to rebuild the air nation, but I hope they mean as a diaspora and don’t intended to herd people to the various air temples. That would be like creating pseudo-concentration camps. And even if they don’t, expecting people to just change their lives because they have a vanishing ability is self-centered.

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  • OK, so Ghazan? What did he do? He can’t be a firebender because he would have burned down his wooden prison. Zaheer tossed him earth, but he heated it up. …What is going on?
  • See. Pie dude’s not having it. It’s ridiculous for them to assume that everyone will see it their way or even care if they can bend.
  • They’ve become evangelists! I really don’t like this side of them. I get it from Korra, but Tenzin as well?

atlok s3-e01-03-04

  • This is only the second episode and bending is already better than everything that happened in Book Two. Ming-Hua’s bending is better than what Korra’s shown so far. She wears it like her own skin. I was wondering if she even had arms of flesh and bone.
  • Zuko! I remember you when you were just a brat!


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  • I love how girl twin and Zuko pretty much had a bonding moment over their failed attempts to kill the Avatar.
  • Someone needs to teach Korra diplomacy.
  • So, I was annoyed by Kai, but now I see he was a device to put us into the thick of the army.


  • HYPOCRITES! Yeah, the Earth Queen just has more manpower to force people to do things against their will. Even though you’re the Avatar, you and Tenzin just can’t cut it. And it’s just as well, because it’s WRONG!
  • I’m not expecting each show to end like an episode of Mister Rogers, but I’d like a bit more of an acknowledgement from the cast regarding their new understandings. They always just kind of gloss over it and I get mad when they face a similar situation down the road, but they act like it’s their first time encountering it. Especially Korra; she never learns.


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  • The metal city is pretty awesome.
  • They had the Fire Island Players, the Movers, and now dance and abstract art. Am I forgetting any other forms of artistic expression? What’s a culture without their art?
  • We’ve reached Book Three and Korra hasn’t changed. Where is the character growth? I will admit, this is not as infuriating as Book Two, but why do I have to watch a main character who continues to walk the baseline of their character arc?
  • If Lin says to leave her alone, then leave her alone. Why must characters always meddle to the point of making people angrier or hurting them more than they already are? And seriously, Korra is doing it again–siding with people she doesn’t know over the people she does.
  • At least Bolin has left the buffoonery behind.


  • I’m seriously annoyed by how blind Korra is to her own actions. What irritates me even more is that the story is so much better than Book Two, but Korra isn’t. She wants Lin to apologize to Opal for the way she talked to her, but doesn’t see the need for Opal nor herself to apologize for trying to manipulate Lin by having Opal cozy up to her?

atlok s3-e04-06-06

  • Wait… Ming-Hua actually doesn’t have arms? That’s so cool!
  • But again, what’s up with Ghazan? Is he from the lava clan or something?
  • I get that Zaheer was an Air Nomad fanboy, but how in touch he is with it after he became an airbender is scary. I also get that Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P’li have exceptional bending skills, but Zaheer only just became an airbender, so aside from chasing after the Avatar, what type of threat did he pose?

atlok s3-e04-06-05

  • TOPH!

atlok s3-e04-06-04

  • The fight between Lin and Su is so refreshing! refinedmonstrosity was right, I’d definitely be an earthbender (metal and lava, too).

atlok s3-e04-06-01

  • Yes! It’s not perfect, but Lin’s talk with Opal and Su is the kind of acknowledgement I’ve been hoping for. I really feel that they’ve turned the last page on a difficult chapter in their lives and what they learned will change them and it will show in their character. All that in two episodes and almost nothing to show for Korra after two and a half books.
  • I can’t wait to see Bolin metalbend.
  • Also, can P’li actually bend or does she just have her fiery beam of death? I can’t remember.


  • HA! Why is the only guy who seems to be enthralled with Air Nomad history called Otaku?

atlok s3-e07-09-06

  • OK. I don’t like Korra and Tenzin’s attitude and perspective on training. Why do they feel the need to manipulate people like that? I honestly think that if Tenzin pocketed his pride for a minute and straightforwardly approached Bumi about taking a leadership role, he’d happy to do it. To me, Bumi was a carefree kind of guy who just got tired of being dismissed, especially by his younger siblings, and started to wear his jocundity as a suit of armor to keep from getting hurt. He definitely takes after Aang–the freshly thawed version. Tenzin probably doesn’t want to hear Bumi tease him about needing him, but compared to how Bumi has been rejected and relegated to the liar’s corner most of his life, a little teasing is nothing. Of course Tenzin would never see it that way.
  • Conflict-resolution? No. Arrogant exploitation. No matter how it turns out, it won’t excuse their tactics.
  • OH MY GOODNESS! He asked him straight out, but he still doesn’t get it.
  • NO! He’s wearing an air bison pelt…  I think I’m going to be sick.


atlok s3-e07-09-01

  • So, for half a second I thought that Su really didn’t change and those two guys she was hanging out with when she was younger–well at least one of them–might have been Zaheer, but then Lin and Su reconciled, and nothing else happened. Except, Zaheer meditated and found that Korra was in Zaofu. I thought he was just really in touch the spirituality of the Air Nomads and was working his super fanboy mojo to search for her airbending spirit or something like that. Anyway, now that we’re back in Zaofu, I’m wondering if he actually made a spiritual call to someone else. That takes me back to Su–also, Opal was a little weird when Bolin first walked up on her in the gazebo, but I don’t really think it’s either of them. Varrick is always suspicious, but I don’t think it’s him. Or maybe I’m thinking about it too much.
  • Seriously, Ming-Hua’s way with water is brilliant.
  • Thank goodness for Mako.
  • Aiwei! Grrrrr!
  • I really don’t understand Korra. Her trust compass it in complete disrepair. Why are they writing her this way? She’s a terrible character.


  • The location of the grove is a great twist.
  • So the Pai Sho board making an appearance is no coincidence. Now we have the red and the white who, like the rule book mentions, have differing ideas of how to “play the game.”
  • She reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.


atlok s3-e10-11-09

  • He just took her breath…

atlok s3-e10-11-08

  • Will Bolin ever metalbend?


atlok s3-e10-11-03

  • Zuko seems like he lost his fire, but I guess he’s just not a hothead anymore. However, it might be really scary when he finds cause to unleash it.

atlok s3-e10-11-01

  • Oh… no… Tenzin..

I guess it only gets more intense from here. I think I have to take a nap before I watch the last two episodes.


  • I didn’t realize Zaheer was that short or P’li was that tall.

atlok s3-e12-07

  • Dad dude’s pretty good with water arms as well.

atlok s3-e12-03

  • Bolin! I’m so happy for him! Not metal but lava. This is good.

atlok s3-e12-02

  • Kuvira… Can’t be a pointless introduction. So who is she. Seems like there isn’t enough time left for her to become a significant presence. So… Book Four? Hmmm…

atlok s3-e12-04

  • This is so intense.

atlok s3-e12-01

Yesterday, I asked zeusaurus and refinedmonstrosity if Book Three made up for Book Two and they agreed that the finale alone is good enough to make up for it. refinedmonstrosity even came over to lean his head on my shoulder because it was so good. I really did enjoy this book, but it hasn’t quite made up for Book Two yet. Perhaps the next episode will convince me.


  • My heart is racing.

atlok s3-e13-07

  • He pushed Su out of the way! Bolin is great. I’m so glad he’s awesome again.

atlok s3-e13-06

  • Korra looks like a rabid beast.
  • I can’t explain why, but I’m glad Bolin is fighting Ghazan who seems to have something of a sense of humor.
  • Mako hasn’t bent lightning since Book One. He could give Ming-Hua more of a run for her money if he did it now. Or have they forgotten about that?

atlok s3-e13-05

  • I was just saying that!
  • So why only Su? Lin is a metalbender… Why couldn’t she remove the poison or help to? She just stood there in awe and anticipation.
  • I just want to smash the Pres’ face in.

atlok s3-e13-01

  • I forgot about Jinora becoming a master until she pulled the airbenders into a circle. I’m so glad that she got her tattoos!

atlok s3-e13-03

  • Korra…
  • So… how many Red Lotus members are out there?

Book Three was really good, especially when you compare it to Book Two; however, it doesn’t quite make up for such an abysmal thing. The reason why is Korra. The story progressed, many things were reconciled or advanced, but she stayed the same. Don’t get me wrong, there are some stories I think are better off because a character never changed, but those characters’ flaws don’t put other people’s lives in danger. Their carelessness and impudence aren’t significant enough to end the world. There were moments where she said or did something that seemed thoughtful or when she apologized, but when you measure those times against her actions throughout the story so far, she just seems like a loose cannon who never learns from their mistakes.

I wonder if her being in the wheelchair is going to teach her patience and help her understand the benefits of changing her perspective. She can’t continue to be combative, impulsive, and one-track-minded.  I really mean this. When I broke my ankle, I had to get used to a lot of things and let go of a lot of things in order to make it to where I am now. Before I came to terms with my situation and started adapting, I was depressed. Not being able to do something as simple as getting up to go to the bathroom or rolling over in bed frustrated me to no end. I was also scared that I would never walk the way I used to. I’m still worried, but if I never moved past my fear and anger, I would have lost a whole lot more than my freedom, privacy, and modesty. Fine. She hasn’t changed up to this point, but her situation at the end of Book Three is the perfect launchpad for the writers to jump off into something they should have been writing all along: her growth.

She meant to sacrifice herself, but Su–and not Lin for some reason–came up with the plan to split into teams so the could get both the airbenders out and Korra back. Though she still got caught and had to fight the poison and Zaheer, but it wasn’t a sacrifice at that point. I’m not discounting her battle and perseverance, but it doesn’t make up for everything that came before. So, I’m really hoping once she comes out of her depression, it will be come a true learning experience for her. I also hope that the bulk of Book Four isn’t her wrestling with depression because that won’t leave a lot of time for learning or practicing that patience she needs to develop. One grand act at the end of the book will not do. I want to see some real growth, but I don’t want her to lose her intensity. She’s got moxie and that doesn’t need to be the ransom for her common sense that the writers have held hostage all this time.

atlok s3-e13-04

As for everyone and everything else, I want to see more of Jinora, Kai, Jinora and Kai, Opal, Bolin and his lava bending, Bumi, and this last minute intro, Kuvira. I also want to know what’s going to become of the Earth Kingdom–there’s so much of it– and the Red Lotus. And and and! They never did get the vine spirit to relinquish the city.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Zuko bend much. But I did see Iroh!

And I just realized–even though I saw it and capped it–that P’li blew her own head up. Her fiery beam of death was beaming when Su awesomely fashioned the metal helmet and closed her in it. That was the glow. Sometimes I’m so slow.


All in all, I enjoyed Book Three and I’m excited for Book Four.

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