New Arrivals: Prima: Yeehun 2013 Art Collection Volume 1

I picked these up from the Post Office today. The colors are rich and the patterns create a lot of movement. Certainly, the style resembles Nakamura Asumiko’s and her work was more than likely a huge influence, but I think Yeehun has found her footing and over time, her compositions began giving off a completely different feeling. For me, Nakamura’s forms and balance make me feel loopy or intoxicated and they seem serpentine, but also have a lava lamp-esque quality; I wouldn’t be surprised if those supple bodies floated off somewhere without notice.

On the other hand, Yeehun’s forms appear more sinewy because of the dissonance between her thicker line work and her character’s equally spectral skin. Additionally, her use of circular and billowing lineations create a feeling of burden and weightiness. Their colorations contrast as well. While they both run the gamut, Nakamura tends toward the look of traditional watercolors and washes with almost pedestrian or everyday color palettes while Yeehun seems to have currently settled on patternizing dulcet, analogous hues.

But regardless of the similarities or differences, Yeehun’s skill is undeniable and this collection is nothing but beautiful proof.

For more Yeehun: Tumblr | Twitter | Pixiv | dA

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