New Arrivals: Wandering Son V05

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My trip to the Post Office netted me volume 5! When I received the first three, I thought Fantagraphics decided to use colors similar to the Japanese volumes’ title colors to determine the accent color for the English release, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The colors of the titles of the first three Japanese volumes are green, blue, and red, respectively, and that’s the same for the English, just not the same shade. The Japanese volumes 4 and 5 are (another shade of) red and purple, respectively, whereas Fantagraphics has chosen an unmistakable brown for volume 4 and nice pumpkin color for volume 5. Their volume 6 will be a cheery, peachy coral and the original volume 6 is jade green, so I think we can safely assume that they’ve gone their own way on this. In view of that, I’ll let myself freely wish for a rich aubergine, a bright marigold, and warm pink to dress my shelves in the future.

According to the site, volume 6 is expected to ship in January 2014 (it would be great if it came close to my birthday!). The new year will be here before you know it. Volume 6 also marks the end of the volumes available for subscription, so I hope the subscription for volumes 7-9 shows up between now and March. That range is somewhat arbitrary, but I think, the sooner the better.

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