Notes: Haikyuu!! – Of Captains and Cowards

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I really love it when I’ve gotten so into a story that I end up on a very similar wave length as the author. And I don’t mean that I can predict the story, but in a way that I often feel, “you know, I think it’s time for XYZ to happen and so-and-so would be good to usher it in.” And usually in no more than a chapter or two after it becomes a fully formed thought, it happens or something very similar does.

I’ve experienced this with increasing accuracy while reading Haikyuu!!, but there are somethings I try to curb my thoughts about because I don’t want to “read” too far ahead. As soon as I saw the last page of chapter 117 (oh, my captain), I knew what I had a vague notion about back in volume 8, when they were questioning whether the 3rd years were retiring or not, would finally be introduced to the story line.

Back then, I wondered about what would happen after they won? Would the manga continue? If so, what would the team look like? Who would be the next captain? I ran through a process of elimination, but before I could get through everyone, I got stuck on Ennoshita. At that moment I decided that he would be secretly awesome. Not necessarily the most skilled, but I had a feeling he’d be a Sawamura-type of leader: low-key with a feather-padded iron fist. My quick review of him was something like the montage that was a result of Shimada and Saeko’s conversation. Seeing that made me feel really good about my previous thoughts because, although being right is nice, knowing that the story is continuing in a good direction is even better.

I’m glad the members are behind him. He thinks of himself as weak-willed, but it takes guts to return to a place and people you abandoned. He seems to have a great rapport with his team and his peers have confidence in him. Also, the restriction on the libero aside, I can’t see anyone else having the temperament to handle that crew as an over all leader. Certainly other teams have captains with starkly different personalities than Sawamura, but it really only works for their team. Karasuno is something of a motley crew of personalities and skill levels; I think they need someone who was humbled at one point. And though he’s unsure, he’s not a pushover so he’d definitely be able to continue keeping them in line. And the way he jumped in for Tadashi!

Side note, Shimada looked like he was going to have a stroke as he watched his pupil. I like how straightforward he is about Tadashi’s situation. I really want to tell the kid not to give up.

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