Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V10-V12

From the beginning, as soon as he was introduced, I knew exactly where Tsukki’s apathy came from and where that disdain for Hinata and Kageyama’s fervor came from. I knew it would be because he witnessed someone else’s crushing disappointment and had to face a truth he never considered. However, I was always baffled by the fact that he still played. Why? You don’t see the need to get excited about it, you really show no interest in improving, why play? Why take up space when there are other people who really want it? If you stop playing, then you wouldn’t need to protect yourself from failure and disappointment. And Yamaguchi. He’s a much better friend to Tsukki than Tsukki is to him and I was really happy that he was, because Tsukki probably wouldn’t have accepted the confrontation from anyone else. He would have just made a sarcastic remark and went on eternally sulking.

It seems to me that Hinata has been blindly reaching for the role of Ace. He understood that Asahi was the teams Ace, but because Asahi was pretty low key about it, Hinata kind of saw Asahi’s level as something to attain, but after hitting a few walls and and facing a few truths, he now fully understands that it is something to surpass. And with Asahi and Tsukki turning a corner, Hinata’s going to be up against some strong wills. I think he feels kind of threatened (although he himself is quite threatening at times). It was different when he was trying to surpass opponents, but with Asahi, Tsukki, and Kageyama on his side of the net, his competition has a front row seat to his inner workings and his strategy. It’s tough to fight when all of your cards are on the table.

I felt so uncomfortable watching Kageyama and Hinata in volume 11. I definitely understood Hinata’s position, but he knows how Kageyama is, so I wish he could have approached it differently, but then it wouldn’t be Hinata if he thought it out to the end before taking action.

Yachi is pure gold!

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