Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V07-V09

  • Suga is just a bowl of rainbows and butterflies.
  • So an A-Quick is up the center, a B-Quick is on the left, and a C-Quick is on the right?
  • Seeing Tsukki and Kageyama interact is hilarious.
  • Tobio-chan was so not angry when he was young… so earnest. There’s still a little bit of that in him, but the perfectionist in him has buried most of it.
  • I knew it! As soon as Ukai zeroed in on Shimada! And Yamada’s having a conniption. And then my heart shattered. Yamaguchi!
  • Too much heartbreak…
  • Yachi is freakin adorable! Her imagination, man…

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