Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V04-V06

The series is still good; I’m just as excited as I was after reading the first volume.

He doesn’t go too deep into it, but I was happy to see Kenma’s annoyance with the senpai-kouhai relationship. The other instances in which I’ve seen it mentioned in relation to someone’s dissatisfaction, it was always laughed off. Of course not every depiction of the relationship comes off as bullying and arrogance, but I could never understand why the ones that did had to be that way.

The sfx names Hinata and Kageyama use to differentiate the tosses are hilarious, but they’re so serious.

Poor Asahi. Always being mistaken for an adult. Even Takinoue who knows how old he is called him nii-chan. On the other hand, you got Hinata and Noya being initially mistaken for middle schoolers, but then a self-correction by the observer demoted them further to elementary kids.

I feel the most for Yamaguchi and Sugawara. Yamaguchi is definitely more excited about the sport that Tsukki, outwardly anyway, but he’s kind of left in the shadows. So I was glad to see him approaching Shimada. As far Suga, he’s dealing with some conflicting feels, but he’s managed to keep his head in the game and his spirits up. I’d like to see him in a match soon and not because Kageyama’s injured or anything.

At this point I still don’t fully understand how Noya changes places but I know he’ll jump out when Tsukki or Hinata serves. Also, the A, B, and C Quicks are escaping me.

I was full of undue pride when the spectator mentioned that Hinata gave off the feeling of an “Ace.” And then Shimada and Takinoue’s reaction… I was wondering if they were going to tell him or Ukai.

So, Oikawa figured out the monster quick call, but what I don’t understand is why is Hinata making the call. I’m not saying that he should call for a toss, but I haven’t witnessed his development reach a point where he reads the situation beyond “where” there are no blockers” and “dodge the blockers. He reacts, blindly even, so why is it set up with Hinata deciding between a monster quick and a regular quick and not Kageyama or someone else in the rearguard who has a better view of the court? Or am I missing something.

Speaking of our resident bedhead, it’s like Kageyama is his own personal coach.

I was waiting for developments in the way of Kageyama tossing—in his precise way—for the other guys. And then just when it was brought up, I got something else I asked for! Suga! But before that, Noya is too good, just too good.

I know they have some teams to beat before they face Nekoma, but I hope I don’t have to wait that long before I see Kuro & Co again.

I can’t wait to start on volume 7!

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