Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V01-V03

This is a fun series. Even though my BFF plays volleyball, I know nothing of the sport, but I’m learning. And I think that’s one of the reasons I like this series so much. I’m pretty familiar with basketball, baseball, swimming and cycling from first-hand or support participation, so, even though those manga/anime rattle my sense of nostalgia, they’re roads I’ve already travelled. Another reason is that it’s really about the game and there are no power ups or special attacks of the fantasy sort. Nothing against those, of course, but sometimes those things just get in the way or a good story.

I like the artwork. The characters have a wide stance because of their boxy lower-torsro and hip box. I love how, when they’re in motion on the court, their bodies practically liquefy—along with the ball—but their fingers become these elongated appendages with a curve similar to that of a scimitar right when the ball makes contact with their palm and then once their arm completes the arc they usually take on the tapered shape of a rapier. I always smile when I see that. Also, the variety of eye shapes is nice.

With ensemble casts, the main character is usually the least interesting to me, or actually interesting, but still not at the top of my list. Hinata, the primary lead is actually one that I can’t help but like and root for. Additionally, the main cast has a good mix of personalities, strengths, and weaknesses; so far Furudate has given most of them a fair amount of light and space to develop. Even their opponents have personalities worth remembering.

I started with the anime and once I caught up, I wanted more, so I started the manga. I was happy to see that the anime is pretty much pulled right off the page. One thing that wasn’t in the manga that was in the anime was an extra scene that was added to the training camp shower time scene. The appearance of Asahi was a nice touch. Whether or not I see the anime through to the end remains to be seen, but I know I’ll never drop the manga now that I’ve started it.

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