New Arrivals: Bleach Volumes 59, 60, and 1 (SPN)

I’ve had these for a while but I never posted them. Well, v01 was posted with the other stuff I got from Hiwa (kisses forever!). I thought I posted v59, but my archive told me otherwise. I took the picture in March—I don’t know what happened. This marks the end of my Bleach pre-orders until I catch up on the monies owed from the months I was out of commision.

bleachbythegallon is about 20 volumes behind the Viz releases, but we’re busy and life is life, so we’ll get back to it when we can do good by it. It’s not like our love for Bleach is going to fade, so~

So much going on in the story right now. So many mixed feelings.

About v01 (SPN), it’s so small! I was able to read some of it. I can’t reach my English copy right now to compare content, but it seems impossible. I was tempted, but I’ve decided not to try to collect the series in Spanish. HOWEVER, I now have a vague desire to collect v01 in various languages. So if anyone wants to send a nonSPN/non-ENG v01 my way, don’t hesitate. You’ll feel good about yourself, I promise.

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