New Arrivals: Castle Mango V02, Ze V08, and Deadlock V01

bks_Castle Mango V02, Ze V08, Deadlock V01

I picked these up from the P.O. today.

I’m happy to say that the names were corrected on the Castle Mango cover. I think I’ll read them tomorrow before I start the other reading that I had planned.

  1. Konohara Narise & Ogura Muku’s Castle Mango v02 – I’ll be happy to have completed this one.
  2. Shimizu Yuki’s Ze V08 – I still haven’t read v07.
  3. Aida Saki & Takashina Yuu’s Deadlock v01- I’m overjoyed that I get to stare at TY’s art in the palm of my hand.

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