New Arrivals: In These Words C10

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words c10-03

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words c10-01

The c10 cover is awesome as usual. I can’t wait to dive in!

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words c10-02

This is funny, I think. These arrived at the Post Office yesterday. What also happened yesterday was that I left work early because I needed to go to Post Office responsible for delivering my mail because they haven’t been delivering things to my physical address for over a year. One day they just stopped and no matter how many cases I open, they never resolve the issue. Now something is pressing and I HAVE to get it resolved. So I went to the Post office that I thought delivered my mail, because I was told they do, but guess what, they don’t. Undeterred, I left there and headed toward the other post office, presumably the correct one. However, at some point I forgot which post office I was driving to and found myself driving to the post office where I receive all of my packages (yup, I’m talking about three different locations). When I realized, I lost all my desire and will and just decided to go home. If hadn’t caught on to my mix up, I might have been able to enjoy these yesterday.

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words SWAG Postcard-c10

But that’s not all. Today I went in to work to tinker with some stuff I’m going to need next week. I had time to, but no intention to check my P.O. box today UNTIL superb-moon posted pics of her arrival earlier today. But to be honest, I didn’t even then; I just settled on the notion that I wouldn’t get mine until next week because she always gets her orders before I do. But as I was about to exit the building a few hours after her post, it occurred to me that I never checked the tracking and at the same time I also remembered why I choose to rent my P.O. box at that particular location: the area where the boxes are is open 24 hours. So I checked the tracking and sure enough, it was listed as delivered. I think I was speeding a little, but I made it there and home safe and sound. So now I’m going to reflect on the fact that I probably have too much going on if I couldn’t connect such simple dots and almost delayed my pick up by a week.

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words Shino & Asano Print-01

When I placed the order, I selected the wrong print. I asked G|P if they could swap it for a different one and after a few clarifications, I was happy that they could oblige. They have a lot of stuff going on, so if they forgot, I would have been fine with that and as I said, someone would have gotten a free print. But they came through, so I’m happy.

Guilt Pleasure--02

Bonus pic: my G|P print collection is growing!

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