Takaguchi Satosumi: Nanahikari V01-V07

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V01 [4.3]

I love the way she writes interactions between older men or even just the way she writes any man, but especially those well into their twenties (this is “older” by BL standards) and beyond. Tenryu-san, Papa Usagi, Watari.

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V02 [4.3]

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V03 [4.3]

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V04 [4.3]

I enjoyed this, but around volume 4, it felt like she was giving up. It turns out she was. According to an essay included with the unofficial translation of volume 7, while writing Nanahikari and a bit before, she felt that she had explored all she cared to in the world of BL and she was to put that era to bed and turn her full focus elsewhere or many elsewheres, but just not BL. I was more than a little devastated when I read it, because Takaguchi is one of my favorite BL mangaka. But it’s fine, I’d rather never read another BL by her than read one that she didn’t really put her heart into.

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V05 [4.3]

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V06 [4.3]

Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V07 [4.3]

The ending was a bit… Well it was alright and since it was hinted at earlier in the story, it’s not like the story took a hard left, but it felt a little like she jumped the shark on that one (or what ever the equivalent term is in writing). Though, all in all, it was a good story.

Volume 5 is my favorite cover.




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