Asou Kai: Sono Mama de

Asou Kai--Sono Mama de [4.5] 1 + 2

Tsuji and Aizawa are one of my absolute favorite couples. I was really into how their relationship developed and how their personalities remained the same. They were both idiots from beginning to end. Certainly sex isn’t always the answer and actually never solves much, but the expression of peace and contentment that showed on Aizawa’s face when he was embracing Tsuji just made my heart flutter. He was so happy and relaxed; he loved that idiot to no end. And Tsuji, at a glance he seemed like the resilient type, the kind of guy that just collects rejections and just keeps on keepin’ on because he doesn’t think too deeply about it, but he’s not.

Asou Kai--Sono Mama de [4.5] 3

Asou Kai--Sono Mama de [4.5] 4

I do believe that 60% of his actions are powered by instinct and his subconscious, but that other 40% is where he takes things into consideration and examines his life within the framework of his friendship and relationship with Aizawa and what the[/twocol_one_last]consequences of either of those ending would be. Seeing Tsuji fall in love with Aizawa and Aizawa refrain from diving in completely was a sweet and heartbreaking experience. I’d love to see how they made out, but even more than that, I’d really like to read how it started in Hokenshitsu Made Nan M?

Asou Kai--Sono Mama de [4.5] 5

Asou Kai--Sono Mama de [4.5] 6

I’m a fan of Asou. Even though I freely admit that I enjoy her work, especially her art, there are moments, like when I finished this, that I realize that I actually love her work.

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