New Arrivals: Samurai

Various--Samurai Artbook-03

I don’t know half the contributing artists, but I will definitely get to know them.

Various--Samurai Artbook-04

Especially Akira Atsushi. Man! I would love a book full of that. Their style gives off the type of energy you would expect to get if Psyche Delico and Jayruu Dokuro had a jam session and maybe Suzuki Tsuta in JJBA mode decided to drop in for a bit. Something like that.

Various--Samurai Artbook-05

I haven’t looked at every page yet, but this weekend will see me laid out on the sofa basking in all its beauty illuminated by natural light.

Various--Samurai Artbook-02

There were several delays in production due to quality and YRev held off on finalizing the finished product until it met their quality standards. Well, it was totally worth the wait. This book is beautifully presented. and the artwork is full bleed.

Various--Samurai Artbook-01

I’m really excited about it. Also, at the end of the book are the artists’ profiles with pics of their workspace! I love seeing that kind of thing. I can’t wait to read them. And it came with this bonus print.

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