New Arrivals: DMG BL Manga

I picked these up the other day.

[DMG] {Taumi Mayu} Love and a Sin [3.5]Taumi Mayu: Love and a Sin – I’ve never read anything by her, but I like the cover art and the synopses were interesting.

{Taumi Mayu} Sumida River Love Suicide [3.5]Taumi Mayu: Sumida River Love Suicide – Same.

[DMG] {Tanaka Suzuki} Slow Starter [3.8]Tanaka Suzuki: Slow Starter – I knew it wasn’t, but I wish this was the Slow Starter by Ichikawa Kei (it’s great, by the way). It was a sort of “why not?” pick, but I was also interested in the track & field setting.

{Kusama Sakae} Spirit of First Love [3.4] Kusama Sakae: Spirit of First Love – Well, it’s by Kusama.

[DMG] {Maiko Marry} Love Makes People Grow [3.8]Maiko Marry: Love Makes People Grow – I was pleased with DMG’s choice of Matsumoto Kentaro’s debut, so I figured I’d check out the first (and only, according to MU) title by Maiko.

{Momoyama Naoko} Love in My Heart [4.2]Momoyama Naoko: Love in My Heart – I enjoyed The Name of Love, so I’m hoping for a repeat.

I got all of them in PDF format. I have a couple issues with DMG’s PDFs, but the main one for me is that they do not bookmark the chapters. It’s annoying. Fortunately I have Acrobat Pro, so I can edit them, but seriously, how hard is it to do that? It just needs to be done once for each file type and then everyone who purchases it benefits. I prefer SuBLime’s PDFs.

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