Suzuki Ami & Itsuki Kaname: Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou V01-V03

Suzuki Ami & Itsuki Kaname--Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou Toku Hen V01 [5.0]

Kichou’s feline ways that were created by Suzuki Ami and brought even more to life by Itsuki Kaname won me over again and again.

The story, which is only a part of a longer novel series, Hana Furirou, was wonderful. I enjoy historical period pieces; the red light district, and the costumes–kimonos and well-cut three-piece suits–and the inconspicuous absence of gadgetry was really great. Kichou and Kagerou’s “courtship” was entertaining, endearing and heartbreaking. And the rest of the cast were interesting as well. But beyond the story, what kept me salivating was Itsuki Kaname’s penmanship. It’s what I call Drinkable Art; artwork that is so appealing, so perfect that the only way you’ll really be satisfied while appreciating it is to consume it.

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