Koide Mieko: Koi no Tsumeato V01-V03

Spoilers ho!

Koide Mieko--Koi no Tsumeato [Scratch-marks of Love] V01 [4.0]

Koi no Tsumeato took so long to complete that I just kind of wanted to get it over with. Overall I liked it, but I pretty much hated the relationship between between the friends Ao and Kou. I didn’t like Kou’s habit of sleeping with other people and I didn’t like that Ao had been lying about Kou’s past all the while. I thought that getting cheated on was the least of the measure of punishment Ao should get for lying to keep Kou for himself–no good or bad deed goes unpunished. I don’t think Kou loved Ao or vice versa–more like greed and familiarity–so I was really pissed that they ended up together. But then again, not. It didn’t make sense, especially after Kou found out what Ao had done. Not that I particularly wanted Mikuni and Kou to end up together, because I think Kou isn’t going to stop getting drunk anytime soon, so he’ll continue to cheat. And I think the alcohol is just an excuse to be promiscuous, which I think is lame, because if you want to sleep with a lot of people, go sleep with a lot of people, just don’t try to secure a safety net by promising fidelity. I know it seems like there’s no way that I would have scored this at 4.0, but I did. The reason for that is: I like unhappy endings. Regardless of how it looks, I think Ao’s and Kou’s life will be more of the same miserable cycle with the cheating and the forgiveness. In my head, they will live unhappily ever after and I like that; it makes sense to me. And I think they deserve it because they’re both shallow people and Mikuni should be grateful that he won’t be subjected to Kou’s nonsense.

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