Notes: The Uke Shall Not Be Denied!

Warning: This is Not Safe For Work, not even a little bit.
This was written with the average BL story in mind. You can take it seriously, but not too seriously.

Thanx for joining me in the second installment of The Road to Yaoi-Con series. This time I’d like to talk briefly about something that is greatly underrepresented in yaoi; something I’ve taken issue with for quite some time now.

I read yaoi because I like the idea of men interacting with each other in sensual, intimate and sexual ways. It’s exciting, engaging, arousing, and entertaining. It stimulates me, mentally and otherwise. Men. Those carriers of the Y chromosome. Those harborers of the prostate. Those brandishers of the corpus cavernosum penis. Men. Let’s rewind just a bit … corpus cavernosum penis … cavernosum penis … penis … PENIS! Yes. I have an issue with the penis or lack there of.

Of issues great and small. You’ve seen it or wondered if what you saw was really it. You’ve read it described as pale, pink, and cute. You know what I’m talking about; that baby carrot, that glue stick, that roll of pennies they try to pass off as the uke’s penis. The petite penes. I always feel sorry for them; my heart breaks a little. Of course, this feeling only comes on when I can actually see it…

Absence makes the mind wander. Invisible. Nonexistent. Conveniently hidden in the shadows or by the leg in the foreground–the ephemeral phalli. In my head and sometimes out loud, I often shout, “eunuch!” Then my mind leaves the story and I wonder if the uke’s really built like a Ken doll? And that just leads to all sorts of things. Though I’ve gotten used to it, it’s still a bit distracting and always leads me to the question…

Why are the uke constantly denied their manhood? I don’t see how an uke’s penis being the same size or larger than his seme’s takes a way from a story (their relationship), in any way. It shouldn’t diminish the seme’s role as the aggressor. Actually, there are times when the uke is the aggressor (and I’d like to see more of that), but the seme still does his seme thing. It shouldn’t make the uke any less desirable, especially when you consider that most often the seme’s desire for the uke develops or hits him while the uke is fully dressed; he wouldn’t have a clue of how it’s hanging. Uke are men, too. It seems that even some of the best storytellers forget that they’re writing about two individuals of the male persuasion and often downplay the receiver’s maleness by anointing him with a paltry appendage. It always looks promising as it laments and heaves beneath the constricting fabric of the uke’s undergarments, but when all is finally revealed, and nothing is revealed, the mangaka is essentially erasing his masculinity. It’s so common, but it shouldn’t be.

Even if he is effeminate, submissive in nature, short in stature, or simply desires to be driven in the wake, he’s still a man and none of those characteristics should have any bearing on the measurements of his member. My hope is that mangaka will become aware of that and begin drawing accordingly. Of course, this is not to say that there aren’t any. Because there are and one such mangaka is Ogasawara Uki. She is not afraid of the penis. She takes care to illustrate it to appropriate scale; a workable length and ample width. Not only does she draw it well, she draws if often and I’d hazard a guess that her uke penes make more appearances than the seme’s.

Check them out in all their glory!

Sizable Assests: Notice the amount of length still to be seen when the seme grips the the uke’s penis in his hand. This kind of service shouldn’t be hard to come by.

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Cameo Appearance: There are times when I think it’s accepatable to gloss the presence of the uke’s penis or merely hint at it. Included below are several instances where Ogasawara-sensei could have gone with a gossamer yard, but she choose to give the uke’s penis its due while the uke gets done. Peek-a-boo!

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Two-fisted Love: And finally two of my favorite moments in Ogasawara Uki’s Uke Penis History.  See how, even with two hands working it to the bone, the uke’s penis cannot be denied!

By now I’m sure you understand just how deep my appreciation for the uke penis is and I hope that, even in the smallest of ways, I’ve influenced your appreciation of it, too.

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